The old saying goes, “What’s in a name?”…   Well for 4X4 Obsession the name reflects the approach to their business. There are two major objectives of the name that reflect perfectly Brett Johnson’s (Owner), approach to every side of the business. It’s all about obsessively pursuing the goal of updating, servicing and modifying 4x4’s.   

When you chat to Brett about all things 4WD, you’ll immediately notice a few things he’s obsessive about;     

  • Passion for the industry
  • Commitment and dedication to quality
  • Attention to detail

All of these mean that anytime your pride and joy is serviced, tuned, modified or up specked, you know Brett would only allow it to go out the door if it meets his stringent standards. His knowledge and expertise is founded due to many successful years of building class winning winch truck competition vehicles. This sport considered to be one of the most brutal forms of motorsport in the world. It’s this knowledge that forms the backbone of 4X4 Obsession.

Over the years 4X4 Obsession has evolved to become a full house ‘one stop shop’ for the person that wants the best for their 4x4 and understands quality is the main priority.

At 4X4 Obsession we offer;

  • Workshop Servicing
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Custom Fabrication
  • And a wide range of premium accessories. 

When you eat, sleep and breathe 4x4 and you understand that preventive maintenance and preparation for an off-road adventure are essential elements, then you need to be starting the conversation with Brett and the Team at 4X4 Obsession.

To learn more about 4X4 Obsession, or to discuss your needs make sure you contact us.